02 Jul

The Kent Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge airfield is a fitting home for P7056. There were eight Whirlwinds on charge with Fighter Command during the battle - they were kept out of the battle but were held in reserve to take on German amour should the German invasion be attempted. 

Along with the first completed phase, Dave Brocklehurst MBE the museum's chairman as well as our own, took delivery of major components from P6966, excavated in 1979 by his old friend Steve Vizard, for careful preservation and display alongside P7056. 

We are using this resource as a pattern for much of the forthcoming wing build. However, this is longer-term. After a well earned break, Pete Smith will begin assembling the rear fuselage, with panels already shaped by Steve Vizard's Airframe Assemblies, and then the tail section. As sections are manufactured, they will be delivered for assembly and finishing by museum volunteers.

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