Club P7056 Annual Membership

  • Annual membership costs £25.
  • Annual membership includes of a PDF copy of the memoirs of Rev. George Wood (fourth from left, back) – a WW2 fighter veteran who flew Whirlwinds and Typhoons. George’s memoirs are not widely available so this is a unique gift. 
  • We include a high-quality member’s badge and a membership card, giving half-price entry to the Kent Battle of Britain Museum, Hawkinge.*
  • You will receive a quarterly newsletter
  • We will announce further ad hoc benefits and bonusses for our members.
  • All proceeds go towards the build. 

Please use the link below:

Our Membership Secretary, Peter Lancaster, is notified when a membership subscription is purchased and will be in touch. Please ensure that you leave the correct contact details.

Should there be no contact please check that the payment was successful - PayPal does not always notify of incomplete transactions..

Alternatively, please email us at

* There are annual members who have chosen not to renew their membership as the project has progressed. The Kent Battle of Britain  Museum staff have a list of CURRENT members - who, with their WFP membership card, will gain half-price entry.