Definitive history of each production Whirlwind
Nick Jordan
In Bruce Robertson's 'Westland Whirlwind Described' booklet there is a list of every production Whirlwind by serial number, along with a brief history of each and its ultimate fate. Six are listed as 'wrtten off' or 'struck off' and many as 'crashed', with no further information. I'm wondering if there is a reference source somewhere to enable more details to be uncovered. This has been prompted by the blog entry on this site about the two Whirlwinds that crashed on Dartmoor on December 29th 1940; I would be curious to know if their serial numbers are known.
I am also curious about the fate of P6994, which was shipped to the US in June 1942.
Thanks in advance for any info/input. Nick.
Nick Jordan
I've answered my own questions by discovering the book 'Whirlwind, Westland's Enigmatic Fighter', by Niall Corduroy, available as a book (expensive at times) or online through Google Books.
Hi, The two Whirlwinds that crashed on Dartmoor were P6975 and P6978. Believed collided at night while flying in bad weather. Both pilots killed.

The Whirlwind sent to America P6994, the airframe was scrapped at Pensacola sometime between 1944/47. The Peregrine engines were removed and installed in a motor boat belonging to to Pensacola's commander, fate unknown