30 Dec

Pete has taken delivery of two cockpit buttons  that were largely undocumented, as they formed the controls for the top secret 'Identification Friend or Foe' radar tranceiver which officially didn't exist. Another example of P7056 offering a kind of  authenticity that original airframes don't always display. 

For Pete, handling these original items has a particular resonance. Pete says "It's down to items like this. This is where the real significance of what we are doing lies and possibly my most important rationale for being involved. 

The two push buttons arrived this morning. Unused, in original packaging marked up '1942' - well within our period of interest. The parts were wrapped in their original protective tissue. Both have the part number hand engraved, both being slightly different in style. Probably undertaken by women, undoubtedly long passed now. 

If such mundane items as these, produced by so many "ordinary people", does not represent the reasoning behind the project, I am not sure what would.  A real privilege for me"

Pete Smith, December 2022

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