15 May

The Whirlwind is a curious mix of design genius and the inexplicable. One example is the placard on the inside of the radio hatch. The AP states that there was a large fold-down information panel that hinges from the radio hatch  door, but gives no clue as to what was on it. 

We decided that Pete would make this panel, and while logically assuming it contained some servicing information relating to the radio or IFF equipment behind the door, we intended to leave it blank. There are, understandably, no images surviving of the inside of this door with the additional 'flap' down when in service.

Imagine our surprise when in the 'rigging' part of the AP, describing the sequence of wing panel removal and the jacking required, we found a line stating that this rigging information was also repeated on a panel inside the radio hatch!

Pete went on to replicate the AP information and diagram on the panel - just another example of the 'extra mile' we are going to make this more than just another replica. We are still in the dark as to why information for riggers was hidden in a flap behind the radio hatch door.

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